Enjoy All-Day Driving Comfort with Nissan's Zero Gravity Seats

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Imagine you're floating through space. Weightless, unencumbered, and free from joint and muscle discomfort, your body is relaxed and floating comfortably. Now imagine you could be that comfortable, every time you drive your car, truck, or SUV.

Nissan's very own, exclusive, Zero Gravity Seats offer all-day comfort, for everyone. These unique seats were designed in conjunction with the Yamazaki Laboratory using a seat simulator and a musculo-skeletal model. By weighing the bearing capacity for joints and other parts of the body...

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Your Family Needs the Better Than Ever Nissan Murano for Life in Lansing

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When the Nissan Murano first came to the market in the early 2000s, it has clearly cemented itself as a leader in the midsize SUV segment. It's hard to beat the overall quality and comforts of the Nissan Murano, so why not come take one for a test drive? We're sure you'll want to bring one home right away.

2018 Updates Make the Nissan Murano Better Than Ever

New features for 2018 include even more active safety and driver assistance technology, a redesigned center console, an 8-inch NissanConnect infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation…

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Five Reasons to Always Have Your Oil Changes on Time

  1. Keep Your Engine Lubricated
    There are many parts inside your vehicle's engine that move rapidly whenever your engine is running. These parts generate heat when they move, and without proper oil lubrication they can warp, wear, and fail at much higher rates.
  2. Keeps Engine Components Cool
    Engine oil serves another purpose for your engine, and that is to dissipate heat. As mentioned above, engine components move rapidly creating a lot of heat and engine oil helps keep these temperatures regulated to avoid overheating.
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Why Routine Service Is Important for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has been designed to handle the road with confidence and power. However, your vehicle needs routine maintenance and service to ensure it stays safe and reliable on the road. This is especially true of certain aspects of your car, like your oil, your tires, and your brakes.

Bringing in your vehicle on a routine basis allows our team to take a look underneath the hood to see what’s going on. Furthermore, our team of experts can efficiently and precisely service your vehicle so it is ready for the road as soon as possible.

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